Ours projects

YABE Yet Another Belted Extruder

Its my try to make original B2D more easier to assemble and more stronger.
source files:

YaDRV Yet Another stepper driver board

Source code for onboard MCU located at https://github.com/alexgubanow/yadrv
For schematic and pcb, pls look at https://easyeda.com/alexgubanow/yadrv

Keychain stl file generator

Its my version of original desigin https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:101307 of TheNewHobbyist. After few days i have researcher night in my university and i have same problem with TheNewHobbyist, but i want more letters, so i rewrite it and some features for more comfortable work.
Source code located at https://github.com/alexgubanow/keychainGen

YaCB Yet Another control board

Interface board for controlling devices by USB
Source code for onboard MCU located at https://github.com/alexgubanow/yacb
Hardware part is living at https://easyeda.com/alexgubanow/yacb