Oleksandr Hubanov - Curriculum Vitae

Dum spíro, spéro

Have variety experience of developing, from analyzing biomedical data up to high-loaded system for maintaining full lifecycle of national farm company. Mainly was involved in developing of distributed systems and embedded solutions. I can easily find common language with new peoples. I am punctual and ready to gain new knowledge


Git JSON WPF Postgre/MySQL Python MATLAB ReactJS LeafletJS C/C++ C# Xamarin Verilog STM32 ESP32 ISPF SDSF z/XDC


C/C++ and HLASM programming, analyzing mainframe dumps

C/C++ programming, kernel modules

C/C++ programming, PCB designing

Matlab programming, signal processing

Developing system for maintaining of full lifecycle of farm company. Project based on .NET, LeafletJS, PostgreSQL

Maintaining ~50 Windows PC + 2 Debian servers

Maintaining ~30 Windows PC + 1 Debian server


Biomechanics, paid scholarship

Biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineering, paid scholarship

Paid scholarship